Company Overview

The 360⁰ integrated marketing agency that creates the best communication.

A 360⁰ integrated marketing communications agency that is thriving in Advertisement. In the ever-changing business world, we create communications that stand out from the crowd. Our mission is to develop communications that work. Our service is to create a brand new image that will help your product or service to find the right positioning in the crowded marketplace. Prochito IMC Limited is a marketing agency with a vision to bring new dimensions in the contemporary style of communications.

Prochito IMC is the workforce that comprised by out of the box thinkers from the creative department, reliable and effective communicators from client service, resourceful campaigners from Media department and always active fast movers from events and activation. Our Communications are all about creating new ideas to deliver messages to the audiences in a clear, concise and intelligible way.


Our mission is to provide innovative and effective brand marketing and solutions which help our clients to find the right positioning in the crowded marketplace.


Prochito IMC specializes in finding the most unique and effective solution that works. We take the opportunity to invent and conceptualize our clients.


We started our journey to the world of advertising in 1998. Since then we geared ourselves up for endurance in flying the way to success. Prochito is Bangla for gathered, collected or accumulated. Relating to this nature, we have taken honeybee as our corporate symbol, which happens to gather or accumulate the purest of food found in nature, the honey.

We Do Communication That Works?